Taurus the Bull

Palm of the Month: Taurus the Bull 
(APRIL 21 — MAY 21)
Taurus is an Earth sign that rules the neck and represents a Bull –powerful figure of staying power. If you are born under this sun sign you most likely love beauty, music, material possessions and financial security. Typical Taureans operate on contained energy, spending tons of time decision-making. Naturally this sign is synonymous with stability and intensity of feelings.
A dyed-in-the-wool Taurus has wide palms with knuckled fingers — hands that show physical vitality and deep thought before action.
Finger nails may be square for dependability; or conic for love of art and beauty.
Thumb should be square with ample tip, and positioned @ two inches from palm to reveal strong emotion.
A well-rounded Venus mount and full unbroken girdle of Venus portray lusty but controlled appetite for love.
Luna mount should be well-rounded, because most Taureans are creative and musically-inclined.
Life line should curl fully around mount of Venus to reflect love of home, comfort, food and sex.
Head line should end with an upward curl to show knack for money-making.
An unchained Heart line should end between index and middle finger — sign of possessiveness combined with devotion.
Dependability and determination are reflected in a strong unbroken line of Fate; and artistic talent by presence of a strong line of Apollo.
Last but not least, business acumen is represented by a long Mercury finger — and a trident on Mercury mount.
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