Pisces Palm Characteristics

PISCES: Palm of the Month February 20th to March 20th

Pisces (Water Sign) is symbolized by fishes swimming in opposite directions — a situation that suggests duality. If you are born under this sun sign you have deep faith in the mysteries of life. Like Yin-Yang your contradictory thoughts and outward responses often complement each other. Pisces can be either a highly creative illusionist, like successful actor — -or a miserable disillusioned escapist skid-row addict. What is real in the Piscean mind often doesn’t exist in his outside environment — but this state of mind triggers extraordinary artistic talent. 
Positive aspects seen in the Piscean hand are long thin fingers, slender thumbs with long tips and narrow-ish palms. The Apollo and Mercury fingers should be especially long.

Finger nails very likely will be filbert or almond-shaped reflecting respectively dreamy visions and fascination with the mystical.

Palm lines should appear as watery; palm texture lightly lined and soft to the touch — reveals delicate refinement.

Luna and Pluto mounts should be well-developed to show intuitive, dreamy sub-conscious nature. A Via Lascivia line is usually is present to reveal ability for making reality out of dreams or fantasy.

The Apollo mount may be graced with a grille marking — sign of an entertainer and attention-getter. A long straight line of Apollo attached to a trident mark nesting on the Apollo mount is another celebrity sign. Apollo finger segment may be peppered with small crisscross marks to portray a truly dedicated artist.

A Girdle of Venus should be visible (possibly doubled or tripled) which indicates passionate nature. Head line may curve toward or into the Luna mount, as this mount reveals tendency for dreaminess, creativity and imagination. Heart line may appear as chained, a configuration often seen in palms of clairvoyants. The delicate Life line may end on Luna mount instead of curving around Venus mount — sign of a restless soul.

Last but not least, the mystic cross, mark of spiritual or psychic awareness, connects Head line with Heart line and says “I’m in tune”.

Written by MTrue Palmist, who has read palms world-wide for over the past 30 years and online for the last 17 years. MTrue was published countless times on Astro Abby.com which is now bridgettwalther.com, a respected and well-known Astrology site. MTrue has been on T.V; Wisdom Radio; performed at fairs and parties; Dior Event in NYC; and continues to provide accurate palmistry readings for numerous regular clientele online. Mysterypalm.com is included in the “Top 100 Palmistry Sites” WORLDWIDE. If accuracy, honesty, and sensitivity are what you desire, contact MTrue for an in-depth palmistry reading: mtrue1@centurylink.net

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