Mick picked up the dice. He rolled the Ivory between his fingers, they clinked gently as he examined the cigarette in his other hand.

Mick picked up the receiver and stubbed out the ash protruding from his knuckle with the same hand. He was less than halfway through. 4. 1…

They hadn’t spoken in three years. Not a word. An unwritten rule. A tortured compromise. Both wished it over. If only the other would speak first.

Three years. Three silent years.

Milan waited for her to finish in the kitchen. He’d need to get things done quickly this morning. As…

Right now she was seated on a flight bound for Dubai. Seated on her right looking out the right side of the plane was a ginger man with a business suit and generic business attire. Seated on her left was a couple, middle class, with all the usual middle-class shit…

His phone vibrates against his thigh, a tickle of expectation.

Message from i Revamp: “Your blog says you’re in town, any chance you’re near the exchange?”

He smiles.

Her again.

“I am.”

“So am I. Are you free for a drink tonight?”

“Sure. There’s a place with great music, Joe’s…

To free the condemned and condemn the free.

It had begun like any other day in Africa: She’d awoken early and had coffee for breakfast and her stomach had groaned, as usual, though her hunger could not be satiated by mere food. …

As she placed her torn palm against the rough moss and bark, she could still hear the baying in the valley below. Her thigh bled, ached, stung.. “Shit. SHIT.” She shook, partly from the cold partly from the onset of shock, and the baying moved closer, got louder. She could…

Come here

The recoil, though expected, caused her to jump. Her shoulder Ached, her palm smarted and she felt her spine twinge.

In slow motion, Grace fell back, hair like the trail of a jet, her face impassive, frightfully neutral. …

As all three of my readers (thanks, by the way) know: I love vampires. I love their paleness. Their lurking in the dark. Their teeth. Their jumping on people and biting their necks. Their jet-black hair covering one eye.

Vampires are fantastic.

Whenever I see a vampire film, I always…

What do you see?

“What do you see?”

“I see… I don’t… I see myself.”

“No, my child, what do you see?”

“I see white skin and freckles.”

His long fingers, white, almost translucent, draped themselves over her shoulders.


She looked up at his smooth slicked black hair…

Mary Turing

I will never lie to you.

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