• Ooh we people ignore one important thing of our life that is show interest in others.That is the thing I realize when I am reading a chapter from book “HOW TO WIN FRIEND AND INFLUENCED PEOPLE”.I learn that interest in case of communication refers to show some eagerness in others. According to my point view, when we show interest in others we are actually want to know about activities of others, show sympathy towards person actions . When I start my challenge of showing interest in others , I feel some kind of change in surroundings.
  • When we start interacting with others in positive way, those people create image in their mind about our personality. Their mind starts recognizing us in better way. This recognition will help you a lot. In my case I show interest in my juniors batch fellows. I went to their class and start talking randomly about their goals, their activities, how university life was going, provide them suggestions. Now what’s happen with me; when they saw me in lab, library or in canteen, they rush to me and told about some interesting information about teachers, syllabus, provide me feedback about events.This is really entertaining for me.I feel proud when somebody “you are so cooperative”. As,Dale said in quotation :

I start saying salaam to guards and asking them how they are. Now, when I forget my college card, they let me go without fine. When I am absent, they asked why I am not come yesterday. I request them to pray for my exams and they pray for me. I also interact with man selling peanuts, I called him peanut man. He gave me some peanut free. I don’t only interact with person I also show some interest in their things. One of my teacher have bright red car and its look like sport car, I start talking about that with other teachers . I also interact with sweepers, now when I enter in college they welcome with smile.

This is same in case of animals and children’s. As mentioned by writer in his book “HOW TO WIN FRIEND AND INFLUENCED PEOPLE” about a dog. Dog demands nothing but a love. For this love dog attached with his owner in such a way that he is ready for sacrifice.I personally know about nature of dog, he love his owner even if owner died.

  • When I am reading the book, one real example came to my mind. My niece show a billionaire smile only when she feel that you are interested in her activities. Otherwise, if you compel her to smile without showing interest she smile astonishingly.
When we show interest in her activities…she smile historically
When we compel her to smile …without showing interest.She smile astonishingly

I just conclude end with following quotation


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