Stop Fetishizing These War Victims And The Piece Of Cloth They’re Draped In
Caitlin Johnstone

I live in a small rural community in Wisconsin and sometimes feel like I have to walk on eggshells because of my views, mostly to protect my Granddaughter that I am raising, and I have 3 neighbors that are Law Enforcement, one with a Daughter in my Granddaughter’s class…All of them great people serving our community…I can’t imagine them doing what I see other Law Enforcement Officers do…Yet, the induced blind patriotism exists…I still do what I can in a gentle diplomatic way to educate…It’s not easy being a Philosophy Major with a Liberal Arts degree in a small rural community…But the school here is excellent and we love the surroundings of natural beauty…On a positive note, I see that the younger generation here with the help of Progressive Teachers (mostly from Madison) are begining to turn the tide…

Every Veteran’s Day I post a link with an excerpt to General Smedley D. Butler’s War is a Racket

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