New experience in Andela .

The first day in Andela was one interesting one.With a lot of excitement in me that day I woke up as early as 5.00 am ,so as I could be on time and avoid traffic.

Tension developed in me as I got in the new environment without knowing what will happen next .Everyone sited down getting to know each other ,I also did the same .Around 9.00 am in Andela we were served with tea which a few of us went for it but eventually a few of us went for it.

Tension came to an end when we all engaged into a few games in the morning that truly relaxed my mind.After an hours time we were done with the games and the day now begun for me with many worries of what would happen next.

After all the lessons for the day were over .I heard learned allot whereby most of the things were totally new to me but I enjoyed every bit of it all.However,the lessons ended at around 3.00pm that day and we were given some problems to solve that were due at 4.30 but unfortunately I submitted mine at 9.00pm .This problems involved a lot of consultation and discussion within my group members .

The problems were based on what were were been taught the whole day.This included the Test Driven Development,Version control,using a Github account among others.

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