Adjustable Standing Desk vs Complete Standing Desk

Nearly, 80% of the world’s population works in the IT department, requiring them to sit for prolonged time periods. This sedentary lifestyle harms their health adversely in the long run.

They suffer from obesity, diabetes and other serious health issues. Sitting jobs are also the major cause of joint pains, backaches and more.

Exercises help you to stretch out and relieve the strain, but “9–12 hours of sitting” overpowers the effects of exercising.

A lot of companies have thus, started replacing their existing furniture with adjustable standing desks or complete standing desks for their employees. Renowned companies like the Autonomous (Official Website: have been known to design a number of models of these desks.

These desks break your sitting routine, thereby being the perfect solution for your sedentary lifestyle, but whether you should choose the adjustable standing desks or complete standing desks, is still a big question.

Let’s check out the benefits of each:

Adjustable Standing desk

The adjustable standing desks come with a stool and allow a combination of sitting and standing work positions. There are different kinds of adjustable standing desks including the manual lifting desks, electrical lifting desks, crank adjustable desks and more.

Here are some of their major benefits:

Long life

It is scientifically proven that the people who stand for long actually live for long as compared to the ones who sit more.

But with the use of these Adjustable Standing desks, you can stand and sit often at work which will increase your blood circulation thereby increasing your life expectancy.

Burn more calories

The more calories you burn, the less you are prone to health diseases. This is the most important benefit you get from the adjustable height desks. Switching your desk from a sitting desk to an adjustable standing desk burns your calories. This is highly beneficial for you if you want to reduce your weight.

Health improvement

You can get rid of the chance of acquiring diseases by using these desks. If you don’t have that much time for exercising, these can be a great way to keep yourself fit.

Complete Standing Desk

A complete standing desk is the one that allows you to work in a standing position. It has its own benefits and drawbacks concerning your psychological well being.

It helps to improve your blood flow and flexibility and also keeps the mind more alert because you don’t feel sleepy while you are standing. Standing for the whole day will also add strength to your core.

But on the other hand, complete standing desks have a lot of drawbacks. Here are some of the problems you face by using a complete standing desk:

Back problems

Doctors suggest that you should change your postures frequently during the day but when you stand, there is a little scope for this.

This leads to your back being rigid causing you back problems like backaches, reduced spinal health, etc.

Leg Cramps

Standing for long also sometimes leads to cramps in your legs, ankle swelling, etc. It is recommended to stretch your legs to prevent cramping.

Conclusion: The adjustable standing desks allow you to adjust the desk as per your requirements. By using the adjustable standing desk, you are not restricted to sit or stand for the whole day; you can adjust your desk according to your need, making them a better choice over the standing desks.