How Nonprofits Can Turn #ThoughtsandPrayers into Donations

Marissa Garza
Jun 12, 2016 · 2 min read

Orlando. Paris. San Bernardino. Sandy Hook. Every day in Chicago. <Insert Name of Terrorist Attack or Shooting Here>

Every time one of these happens, my news feed fills with #thoughtsandprayers. I have even shared some #thoughtsandprayers, but this morning, I had enough.

I’m not saying that sending good vibes out to the world doesn’t have an impact, because it does. I, myself have even benefited from it.

The question I ask when it comes to these national/international tragedies is — What would happen if all of these people sharing their #ThoughtsandPrayers actually took action to help solve the problem?

Today, on the day of the mass shooting in Orlando, I did just that. I donated to

I want to share why I did in hopes that other nonprofits can use my experience to turn #ThoughtsandPrayers into donations.

I live in the Chicago area. It is very rare that a day goes by where I don’t hear about a shooting in my news feed. So part of my action could be due to the fact that I’m tired for hearing about it. Donor frustration is a real thing that nonprofits can use to their advantage.

I woke up to the news of the Orlando Shooting and instantly my news feed was filling up with thoughts and prayers for those affected by the shooting — but no actions were being offered, like where to go to help.

Until I saw this post.

So I visited the website. Immediately a donation screen popped up. I bypassed it to see what this organization does.

The website does a really great job at showing people what they do. Before I donate I always want to see where my money is going. showing me the work they do on research, community events, and lobbying Congress. I knew my money would support that.

But all of that isn’t why I decided to donate. I donated because of this page.

Note that donation is number 3 on the ways to get involved. They also outlined a bunch of different ways to take action.

Donating was the easiest choice for me.

So I sent my donation on it’s way. Shared a link to my Facebook page and went on about my day knowing that I did something.

Nonprofits, I know you, I work for one. I know how hard it can be to heard and reach those who can provide what you need — be it money, volunteers, advocates, ect. In this age of slacktivism, where #ThoughtsandPrayers rule the news feeds, make it easy for people to get involved. Make it easy for them to join your cause. We can’t wait for the people to do this, we the nonprofits need to make this change and respond to our market. If we do this, we can really start to change the world.

Marissa Garza

Consultant | Social Media and Technology Enthusiast | Blogger | Foodie -- MTv didn't tell me the real world would be like this.

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