Thoughts on Depression

Marissa Garza
May 27, 2017 · 2 min read

Depression is my invisible friend. She will always be with me.

Depression teaches me how strong I am and what I am capable of doing.

Depression causes me to think of why more than the how.

Depression is something I heal from, not a choice I make.

Depression is misunderstood — even by me.

Depression is different for me everyday.

Depression is not the opposite of happy.

Depression can mean I need to work harder than others to do what I was put here to do. Just like a chronic physical condition could impair an athlete; my brain is chronically impaired in processing the emotions of everyday life.

Depression is a pre-existing condition. I could not manage my depression without the ability to afford health care.

Depression can turn the grass blue and the sky green.

Depression can feel like I’m physically ill when I’m not.

Depression is part of who I am and I am thankful she has taught me the many ways people can see the same situation.

Depression pushes me to grow, but only because I have the help and support of a therapist to help identify my growth and medication to help balance out my brain so that I can grow.

Written in honor of Mental Health Month. Talking about depression in a real and relatable way is one of the ways we can remove the stigma around mental health. These are my own personal reflections on the subject.

If you suffer from depression and haven’t found a way to treat it, visit this website for more information.

Marissa Garza

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