Rebuilding Hong Kong, Piece by Piece

Ash holds up two of his LEGO builds at a pro-democracy student rally. Photo: Aidan Marzo
Ash arranges LEGO pieces for his various builds. Photo: Aidan Marzo
Left image: People stop to read various posters and notes written on the Tai Po Lennon Wall. Photo: Aidan Marzo // Right image: Ash’s first LEGO build shows different figures such as protesters, journalists and citizens at the ‘Lennon Wall’ in Tai Po. Photo: Aidan Marzo
Ash’s LEGO build depicts police beating citizens and protesters alike, while a group of people hide behind a wall of umbrellas during the storming of the Prince Edward MTR station on August 31st. Photo: Aidan Marzo
Left image: Protesters gather around a street fire after clashing with police near government offices. Photo: Aidan Marzo // Right image: Caption: LEGO figures depict protesters standing in front of a large street fire. Photo: Aidan Marzo
Image left: A riot control vehicle fires water cannons at protesters near government offices in Admiralty. Photo: Aidan Marzo // Image right: Ash’s LEGO recreation of a police riot control vehicle equipped with water cannons. Photo: Aidan Marzo



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Aidan Marzo

Aidan Marzo


Freelance photojournalist born, raised and based in Hong Kong. insta: @aidanmarzofficial