It’s another Wednesday, same mechanic life going, everything looks different yet inside nothing has changed. Just sulking on my desires. Reading motivation articles, getting inspired, then that swelling up of the energy.

This cycle repeats every time, may be you have also found yourself in this cycle. Just take a pause with whatever you are doing, and feel yourself. Feel yourself alive at the moment. Sometimes in this monotonous metro life, you feel like you have died, stopped living or maybe afraid to live probably fearing that you will casted as an outlier.

If you plan to live in that herd, your life will get dictated by the external factors.

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”

Somehow, I feel I am good at giving advises to myself, but too stubborn to walk on them.

It could be ironical that I am writing now, but after this self introspective guilt phase is over, I might not write till lightning strikes again. We all want to do great big awesome things in our lives, but when it boils down to taking that first baby step in that direction, we fret, our society, our friends reminding us how mediocre we are.

If you are still reading you might be pondering this guy is rambling stuff, but this is my mind full of conundrums like yours. Give air to your mind, flush out things, pen them down.

Just don’t over think, do things you want to do. Enjoy the journey, leave your destination unscripted.

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