Igniting the Pacific!

I love to sleep. Give me a day, I’ll make it a night and flip.
I love to eat. Give me a vanilla, I’ll garnish with chocochips and lick.
I love to gossip. Give me a topic, I’ll chop it and make a comic.
I love to play. Give me a game, I’ll install it and go fanatic!
I love to grow. Give me a year, I’ll freeze and let the clock grow saying Tik-Tok-Tik
I only love comfort. Give me a task, I’ll brag about it and do nothing but make you sick!

While Jeff Bezos is striving to mark the first place tactic, 
I am struggling to choose powermint or freshmint tic-tac!
While my age group is aspiring for luxurious i-phone, 
I am desiring to hold that magnum ice-cream cone!
While there’s too much sweat in marathon race, 
with zero displacement I am keeping my pace!

On the International yoga day, I start and end with Savasana with nothing else in between
On Valentine’s day, I give all my love to procrastination being keen
May be or may not be, I am Pacified being who has comfortable morphine
But when I see all others glorifying fame, in my mind, I create a scene
What is stopping me who is already eighteen?
Am I the one degrading the potential and reactivity of teen!

Well, the answer being yes, let me proceed
While the Pacific Ocean is a great feed and this pacified couch potato buried
The bitterness of failing and the fruits of success, I want to read
The actual difference between tic-tac and tactic, I now studied
Already wasted, already wasted, what the hell will I now do to speed?
I too wanna succeed, I too wanna succeed!

Rome was not built in a day, neither will me
I will take time because I am igniting within me, the lazy-busy bee
Enough of dreaming during cosy night’s sleep, let me earn that hard-work key
I am starting being no one at nowhere, I promise becoming someone at the acme
Life is fair if you MAKE sure it is fair otherwise it is nothing but an unfair army
I am learning to fly, this time it’s not just Wingardium Leviosa but the J.K. Rowling rejection teachings that I carry!

Let me skip the rhymes, let me skip the pattern, let me dig myself deeper, 
This little heart wants to touch the skies, 
This innocent mind wants to go beyond that huge mountain,
This fearless soul now is ready to believe, 
Life starts when you get out of your comfort zone
Life starts when you finally ignite the pacific and let the flame go high!

No, that was not a fairy tale, that was my development fight, 
How I got out from lovely comfort and am ready to fly a kite.
Give me the strength to get back when I fall, oh dear lord!
Igniting the pacific, with my golden sword.
I still love to sleep, I prefer not to. I’ve got things to fix!
I still love comfort, I ignore to. I’ve got to hit a six!

- Nikita Masand