Never give up!

Let the wings fly, 
Let the heart whisper, 
Let the mind boggle, 
Unfurl the storms in the vicinity, 
Whoop the ‘Hurrah’!

Trip down. Fall over. 
Trip down. Fall over.
Trip down. Fall over.
Let the wings break,
Listen the silent broken heart,
Work with unimpressed mind,
And then love the commiserations, 
loving them you have no courage to get back up!
Once you tried, you fall down and you are dead forever?
No, do not get up, or else you will have to slog, labour.
Be happy, be dead! :-) 
And then you hear pealing of those
who once used to condole.
Hey hello, how’s you?
I heard you are living dead! Haha, Great job.
That’s the easiest way to live life, keep going.

And then the heart throbbed, 
Pulse started changing
An inappreciable smashed piece of Hope triggered.
A provoking voice was induced, 
the race was already started.
You are the last one! 
You are the last one!
You are the last one!

And this time, 
Pulse didn’t change.
That tiny hope wasn’t shattered, 
Lilliputians started growing.
No, there was not any elixir that took you to the midway of track
neither any Harry Potter potion to clear the altogether piled up partial race.
Getting up last was arduous and exasperating.
The options were either get up or remain deceased.
No one was with you
The Lilliputians wanted to accept challenges and fight, 
The leader, the Hope was all set, she started making the army, 
Aspiration for Fantasy? Present!
Dedication to traverse through the Pink ribbon? Present!
Commitment for diligent efforts? Present!
Hope went to the pew of Happiness, and asked
Happiness? Are you ready? 
And there was cheerful answer, Present!
*while going back to her Podium*
‘Endurance? Fortitude? Stoicism? Perseverance? Tenacity? Are you all here?’ she asked. 
‘Always!’ came a hefty and brawny voice.
And then, all organised with the defence myriad, She comes to you,
Asking you to give them your hand, the army needed you, one last thing to complete this militia,
Seeing you agitated, Hope told you
‘My dear Sprinter, this race is very tough, it has to be, but giving up isn’t a solution to win, is it? Better late, than never!’
You, all ambiguous, cried, told Hope,
‘How easy this all is for you, to accumulate the army, to take others up the impossible, beyond the limits, but mam, come back to reality, giving you my hand isn’t any problem, but what if I fall again, I fail again! I will be unable to get back up!’
The army was heeding your words. 
Aspiration for Fantasy came ahead and said, 
‘Who said it’s impossible, and if it is, who said impossible cannot be turned in to possible? Sir, This Aspiration isn’t a flaccid one to fear impossible, I will never let this happen!’
Latching on in the conversation, you asked, ‘what if I go narcoleptic seeing the “Possible” nightmare?’
Dedication to traverse through the Pink ribbon came running, 
‘What am I here for? Sir, this sinewy, will never let you down, will never let you give up, you just step up, and then see, we will make it together! I will need just one thing, your efforts, that’s it!’
Hearing this, 
Commitment for diligent efforts, Endurance, Fortitude, Stoicism, Obstinacy and Tenacity came toiling and said, 
‘No, we won’t give up! Dedication, we will always be there, we will together unravel the mystery to win this race. We will never let you rest, dear Sir! We will run together happily, won’t we, Happiness?’
The innocent, cherished Happiness answered, 
‘Yes! :-)’
And then, Hope asked you, 
‘Are you still lambasting yourself for the pink ribbon?’
You said just one thing, 
‘Dear leader of my army and my militants, will you be with me throughout?’
And then the atrium was all charged with an assertion saying, 
‘Always! ’

Yes, You got up!

You joined the army.
You started running the race.
You cleared the Partial distance, 
You were tired, you fall down.
Trip down. Fall over. 
Trip down. Fall over.
Trip down. Fall over.
But this time, You got up again,
The race was now fair and equal,
The sun was shining
The army was fighting, the army was battling,
The victory was not far away,
You gave all you, you gave all you,
The pink ribbon was approaching,
The gold star was twinkling,
The army was fighting, the army was battling,
The victory was not far away,
You gave all you, you gave all you,
Yes! You did it.
You traversed that beautiful, tough pink ribbon!
And then, the Hope kissed you saying, 
Never give up!