Sir Barry Gibb is the Wisdom Award Winner at International Innovation and Wisdom Awards

Sir Barry Gibb, the legendary singer, songwriter and producer of one of the biggest music groups of all time has won Wisdom Award at International Innovation and Wisdom Awards ceremony to be held in Dubai on 31st March, 2021. Sir Barry Gibb is the surviving member of Bee Gees, after the passing of the twins Robin and Maurice in 2012 and 2003. Bee Gees have sold over 220 million albums and dominated the charts in the seventies. Bee Gees are currently getting a resurgence like their old days and dominating the World music charts thanks to the hugely popular Frank Marshall directed documentary film, "How can you mend a broken heart." Sir Barry Gibb has also released a new album with top country singers covering the old Bee Gees songs.

According to Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, “’God Only Knows' blew the top of my head off! Who could possibly be doing this? This was beyond pop music. The chord structure, that beautiful voice, the inspiring subject matter. In one giant leap, music had moved to another level. My first thought was, oh dear, I’m wasting my time, how can I ever compete with that? We’ve been competing with that ever since.”

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