The Best BMX Frames Released in 2016

Without a doubt the most vital part of a BMX bike. Many people don’t realise but hundreds of BMX frames are released every year in every colour, from matt black to oil slick, and in many different materials. Professional riders are getting signed and dropped constantly and a big thing they all love to do is create a signature frame. One of the newest and most controversial people to get signed and subsequently design a signature frame is Adam LZ. He runs his own BMX clothing company and YouTube channel called LZ BMX.

This list is definitely not a full list of every BMX frame or signature BMX frame made in 2016, although it’s some of the most popular and also my favourite frames of the past year. Count this article as a big 2016 BMX frame review.

Fit Hangman Frame

Released back in July the new Hangman frame by Fit is a cool, clean and raw frame. The joints all show those great heat scorches from welding the frame together. With his very aggressive riding style, Jordan Hango designed this frame to perfectly suit his needs. He included a larger ½” down tube and much thicker ¼” dropouts which gave the frame added strength to withstand heavy abuse. These added thicknesses definitely give the frame that advantage with things like manuals and pumping.

If you’re a larger or more aggressive rider and enjoy that raw, classic feel then this is definitely a frame the frame to look at. The frame is also American made giving it that added quality although I bet they hated engraving that Canadian Maple Leaf on the head tube instead of an American Flag.

At $360 it could be a worse price for the extra strength and the name of a great Canadian rider.

Adam LZ Signature frame from Stranger

After following Adam LZ through his YouTube channel and clothing range for a few years now it’s quite interesting to me that he’s getting to design his own BMX frame with Stranger Co. Only very recently released its much anticipated for all his fans all over the world. Without a doubt there are thousands of people that are ecstatic that he’s riding for Stranger but a few other riders have had a few problems with it and one rider even left the team. Made fully from 4130 chromoly tubing with a 75.5 degree head tube angle.

I believe the frame is using a hydroformed top and downtube similar to the Envy frame from Wethepeople.

According to Adam the frame will be the same specs as the Crux frame but lighter although in another comment he said it’s not going to be hydroformed like the prototype, this is probably to keep costs down.

Fiend Reynolds Frame

Garrett Reynolds, one of the best and most famous BMX street riders out there at the moment rides for Fiend and he’s probably their greatest asset. Again constructed from heat-treated 4130 chromoly with an internal gusset in the top tube and also an external gusset on the downtube. Garrett is such a humble rider he waited till the whole Fiend pro team got their signature frame before he even started designing his, this took 3 years, and it’s gone so well he’s already on version two.

BSD Passenger V2 — Special Edition

The signature frame of Kriss Kyle made from a beefy chromoly tubeset with an integrated headtube drilled for gyro tabs. Said to be a progression from the Trailorparks geometry but with a few extra changes such as a steeper head angle, taller headtube, higher standover and beefier tubing.

Verde Oxbridge LTD Frame Review.

A great signature frame from Matt Priest and Lima. Unlike the Fit Hangman frame the Verde Oxbridge is made to suit the faster and more technical riding that Matt and Lima sign up to. This frame has a slightly longer head tube than most other frames and so eliminates the need for headset spacers when making your bars sit higher.

Both these riders definitely aren’t scared of going high; Matt being more of a dirt rider and Lima a ‘go big or go home’ park and dirt rider they both fit together brilliantly and it seems creating a brilliant Verde Oxbridge frame easily. Verde BMX is already a large successful BMX company and these frames are definitely reliable.

Available now on danscomp BMX.

Wethepeople Awake frame

I have always loved WTP parts and bikes and the Awake frame is a great new frame from the company. As the specifications show this is definitely a street frame. “Our most responsive street frame yet” -WTP

Ed Zunda designed this specific street frame with all technical street tricks in mind and this shows with the extremely steep 75.5 degree head tube and the backend was also beefed up to deal with those bigger spinning tricks in the environment riden. Ed and the We The People team are so happy with the frame that they offer a lifetime guarantee with every frame. Unlike some companies only offering two bland colours for their frames; the Awake frame offers everything from the gorgeous matt black to a weirdly translucent frost blue.

Kink Titan Frame Review

What does everyone buy after riding a new bike set up? Chain tensioners! Don’t worry they’re already included on the Kink Titan BMX frame.

“It’s a very durable frame light responsive and easy to whip around”

So obviously this is a specifically designed street frame and with it’s double butted chromoly it’s also strong enough to deal with the park and dirt jumps.

A nice cheap price at approximately $250 and comes in Black Chrome, Chrome, ED Black and raw so there’s enough to choose from if you need it to match the rest of your BMX.

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