The web version of the daily newspaper gives readers or first visitors a clear idea of what kind of newspaper it is, so The USA Today is at once apparent a broadsheet. It is a colorful and elaborate site, where major stories are updated throughout the day. The newspaper covers such issues as International news and publish news about world affairs, National news and cover the main events that happen in the country, Local news and focus on what happens in the state or district that the reader lives in.

The USA Today offers its readers a wide range of topics, so you can find in the electronic edition of the newspaper such rubrics as news, entertainment that contains movies, art, books and music reviews and information on new releasesa and also downloadable crossword puzzle, sports that contains news about sports events in and out of the country and features about people well-known in sports, finance, technology, travel, opinion and weather that gives the readers information on local as well as national weather.

General information available free of charge, but there are some parts of the site which are accessible by paid 10$ subscription and include using the full range of services at the site and access to The USA TODAY on desktop, tablet and mobile.

I think the web site appeals to the readers and me personally, because the newspaper keeps you up to date on the latest events as they happen. The USA TODAY is divided into several sections and you can easily find the information that you are interested in, that is very convenient.

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