My angry post-election post

Yesterday, a cis man casually approached me on the BART platform to chat even though I was reading. Last week, a cis man casually hit on me while I was in his car. And a few weeks ago, a cis man — my friendly corner store guy with whom I exchange pleasantries — tried casually to kiss me on the mouth. All in the course of daily living.

And after the election, I have NO MORE PATIENCE FOR THIS SHIT. I cannot take the sense of order that some men feel has been restored to them. It comes directly at the cost of safety and comfort of women and queers (and POC, but I cannot speak to that directly).

I am sick of having to make men feel good for fear of their going apeshit on me. In a prescient incident two weeks ago, my friends and I were called bitches and n****** for not sharing our pizza with some drunk white guys. This was in Park Slope, Brooklyn. And I feel infinitely more in danger now that misogyny, homophobia, and disregard for women’s and queer bodies have been consecrated.

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