AuPair Chronicles


When I was thinking about my blog and my first blogpost , i was somehow imagining my first post describing me , who i am , where i am and what do i do , how do identify myself beside being an aupair girl in Paris.

Well , this is very interesting but somehow I always put it far-far away . And nevertheless here I am now typing and deleting first sentences of my first post and my muse just murmured me to follow my heart and tell whatever i want . I think i would rater tell you stories that,i believe, are worth of being told .

Since my first day of arrival in France, I knew i would spend a good half of my day in subway , because you have no choice , here you just always use subway and you do a looong trips ( especially if you live a bit far from Paris like me)To escape a bit reality and space out i was listening to music , for the last month I have switched from listening to music in accomponement with some daily news to reading books. From time to time i was leaving my earphones at home and it gave me a chance to meet sooo many people. Different people just sitting next to me would ask what was the book and after we would speak for the whole trip for30–40 minutes .

Each of those people changed my mood incredibly , according to some stereotypes i thought that french people are more gloomy and not easy to contact with , whereas most of the time i notice people starting a convestation with me which makes me so happy . I would just timidly smile to them, they would do so too , an awkward second and then a nice convesation is being born .

Well , I dont like to be cheesy-peesy but sometimes in my bullet journal i write some quotes to encourage myself and until now one of my favorite quotes is by Mahatma Gandhi “ Be the change you want to see in the world” I know it’s cheesy but you can imply it to an any aspect of your life, so facing all these gloomy and tired from work people I always think it is better to be nice and just smile to strangers , it doesnt cost anything ( well , sometimes someone might think you are weird but someone’s opinion is not that high of a cost) Okay , now it is getting more than cheesy , it’s almost cringy . Well, I just thought i would write some of those small convesations just as a story to remember later .

So the oldest of those convesations in my memory is with one guy, 25 y.o holding a book as well , diving deeply into his french lines and i just saw a familiar cover and then I recognised it . Lately my boyfriend got a new belief , got a new hope , he is supporting a political party that gives him hope and me as I have no choice , during the weekend I have lectures about France Insoumise and I see Jean-Luc Mélenchon in hologrames , in meetings , I do a walks and manifestations for him , I sit on my boyfriends shoulders to see a politician that is being highly loved by young generation .

So that day in the same subway I see this guy with that book of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s political program , i think i spaced out a bit while oozing that book , so we ended up speaking about politics , the diversity of topics we had time to speak about shocks me right now , but after changing my subway line to another I realized that somehow in 30 minutes I got to know quite a lot about person i will probably never see again, and that made me a bit sad.

Another meeting I will probably never forget was also with a guy , 5 am , 23 y.o , wearing costume , blury eyes . Coming back home after a club with my friend ,- 3 C° , i was hoping to get home as soon as possible ,it was almost time for subway gates to open and then i would have 30 minutes more of waiting , one street away is my friend’s house with who we were in club , shen invited me hundred’s of times but i knew that i was allowed to have my “ball”but if i did not come back with the first train , things would not go so well between me and my bf .

Caring about another person while being respected for what you like to do , I think this is period of a sort of mature relationship . He loves Jean-Luc and gaming ,me i love dancing so with all respect we get a permission for a small window to a private life. I suppose that much trust comes not only from love or hope or whatever , we just simply know each other, i can’t drink ,so no matter where i am , what i do it is always a concious me that will dance 4 hours non stop .

With my muscles being shaky from dance and my body not happy from cold I walk fast with my top speed , and than I see that guy who screems to me that it’s dangerous to walk alone at Champs-Elysée at 5 am . For me there was nothing more dangerous than him, he was shaky, barely balancing on his feet , but I somehow felt no danger . Here I am sharing this story safe and alive , so my 6th sence didn’t lie . “ The eyes are blind, one must look with the heart “ Cheesy quote number two .

So we stand there ,-3 C°,red cheeks , hot breath , and i see him very sad , i see tears and he starts to scream , i didnt undertsand everything but i got essential , he was not happy . He was coming from the party he didnt feel he belonged to , he spent half of his salary of bartender that night on somethig he don’t like . I’m reading 99 francs lately , and it just made me think of this line “ We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like” . Well , in -3C° we spent half an hour standing next to the subway , i was just listening and the more i listened, the better he looked , that was a nice begging of the day.

He accompanied me to subway so I haven’t met anyone scarier and more dangerous then Louis that morning , I saw at 5:30 all those busy faces again that go to work and life locomotive got to move once again. Well , we didn’t exchange neither facebooks nor numbers so it is one more person i will never meet again but also never forget.

Another wonderful meeting was as always in subway after I have spent with my friend a magical day. Deadly tired after a long and overwhelming day I was returning back home and I don’t even remember how we got to speak to each other . It was a man, tired family guy returning hom at 21:00 taking a sip of a fresh air and diving into a subway with a mixed odeur , we happened to walk a way of 5 minutes together, get our cards cheked by controllers together and also take the same subway.

This gave us both a timid smile and so it began! One more emotionally unforgettable conversation, words are already lost in my memories, but i remember him and me being like fireflies and shining from the positie we shared that night. I ended up having a small souvenir from him , as he works in Cruise Boats he gave me a ticket , that i still have in my wallet as a reminder of that beautiful day!

There is no moral nor summing up of what I was trying to describe up there, I just let my emotions pour through the text and as you see I am still quite bad in using quotes ,I make it a bit awkward , but i would call this a charm of a begginer :)