Taking Up the #100DaysOfCode Challenge

So I’ve taken on the #100DaysOfCode challenge, thanks to Alexander Kallaway and it’s what’s gotten me to write my first post on Medium too. We’ve got 86400 seconds in a day (will never forget, kudos to Kris Allen) and I’ve been thinking about what I want to do, with all the time I’ve got this summer. I’ve got the targets I set at the beginning of every summer which go somewhat like: getting better at coding, writing more, reading more, getting better at security, learning SMM, and having an active blog running.

But, the past few summers I’ve started off similar goals with so much enthusiasm but ended up unable to finish these targets. Why? because a day or two of putting things off led to a streak of days where productive procrastination resulted in getting nothing done. But, this time, I want to be more realistic and I really do want to finish the targets I’ve set for myself. This is the only summer I have before I graduate (not like I have a countdown to May or anything of course). But, there’s all these great posts that I’ve been reading on Medium and the daily dose of inspiration and motivation has finally gotten me to take up this challenge.

  1. Consistency

1 hour of coding every day, 1 hour of reading every, and at least 10 minutes of writing down my progress. I’m going to keep a blog to track my progress, and for future references! If I can punctually stick to these, I think I’ll be able to manage getting things done routinely.

2. Finding other people who have the same goal

There’s quite a few people who’ve successfully completed the challenge, or are keeping up with it, or who, like me, have just started it. It’s pretty motivating to read the gratifying posts about people who’ve completed the #100DaysOfCode challenge.