Tron — Everything you need to know.

What makes TRX a cryptocurrency?

The history of Tron

Lack of initial transparency and accusations of plagiarism

BitTorrent Acquisition

The technology of Tron

The resources of the Tron distributed computing network

  • bandwidth _ _
  • Computing (CPU)
  • Storage _ _
  • RAM)

Consensus by delegated proof-of-stake

Tokens on Tron

High scalability and large number of transactions per second

The healthy ecosystem of DApps on Tron

Basics: what is a blockchain?

Basics: how do Tron addresses, accounts or wallets work?

Price evolution: how volatile is it?

The bubble of early 2018

2019: an unexciting year for Tron

2020: finally stable growth

A very benign year: 2021

How much currency is in circulation?

Is Tron going to go up in price?

  • The price of Bitcoin (Tron is still an altcoin for many)
  • global economy
  • The new laws of the different countries
  • The general public’s impression of cryptocurrencies and Tron in particular
  • Growth in the real use of the potential of Tron technology, such as DeFi or NFTs
  • Increased environmental awareness in the cryptocurrency community, leading to a greater appreciation of no-mining blockchain technologies





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