Find at least 3 very appealing instagram (or any other visual social media) accounts (preferably by media organizations of journalists)

Russian media, which is located in the Riga. If we compare them with other Russian media, then the meduza has a huge potential. After a loud scandal with the, after which almost all the editorial staff left their posts, they moved to the Riga and launched their own media. Honest, with insanely talented journalists and very interesting texts.

A brand of the Russian designer, so-called waterproof raincoats from St. Petersburg. I really love this instagram, what awesome things this guy made, And what videos!

A very talented girl from Ukraine. I started following her instagram when she just started making a stop motion video and watched her progress. Her unusual appearance and creative constantly bring me back to her page and I struggle with the desire to spend all traffic on viewing her page.

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