Progressive Selfishness — My path to self discovery

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain

So many of us are wandering around with no sense of purpose, no direction. We lack the human connection and sense of community that was once an integral aspect of daily life. It’s so easy to send a quick text, a few choice letters or an emoji to communicate what would otherwise require fully formed sentences and personal interaction. ILY 💋❤is much simpler to write to someone then physically confronting them with the fully formed sentence “I love you”.

I personally am overwhelmed with a sense of uselessness, plagued by the nagging well of unfulfilled potential wasting away, day by day while I struggle to find what it is I truly have a passion for.

I know that I will never be satisfied working for anyone and that I do possess a business acumen that would be beneficial to any business however I lack the organization and dedication to any one venture to follow through with it. I have yet to discover any one thing that allows me to feel as though I am doing what I love instead of watching the clock tick louder and louder with each passing minute.

So I asked myself, if I imagine a perfect life, a perfect Day, what am I doing, how am I dressed etc. The answer I came up with was that I was surrounded by a team of innovators and forward thinkers who came up with brilliant story lines for publications in TV or movies.

Unrealistic goal. Right? Is it? I guess we will find out together because I will take you on my journey through failure and maybe just maybe success.

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