CORS Misconfiguration to Account TakeOver [Out of scope to grab items In-Scope]

Hi, i’m Mashoud.

This is my first write up.

And i hope you are able to learn from it

I was working on a private program for a few hours.

I had found 2 bugs that i put aside to try and chain it with something to create a report of good severity.

Private Program URL =

1st Bug.

Open Redirect -> Reflected XSS [No data could be stolen],PHNjcmlwdD5hbGVydCgndGVzdDMnKTwvc2NyaXB0Pg==&utm_source=saloncentric_app&utm_medium=referral

This only worked on Safari so it was not so useful

Vulnerable Parameter:


base64 decode:

2nd Bug

Session not invalidated after logout or changing Account Password

To anyone who does not understand ,

This is when a session is captured and does not get expired or deleted after logout or even after changing the accounts password in my case.

This can be found be simply by

  • sending a request of an active session to burp suites Repeater
  • Log Out or Change Account Password in Browser
  • Replay the session in the repeater to see if it still shows User Data
  • If it does, 🤑🤑🤑. Else: ☹️

JWT sessions work with time. So this is not likely when the host is using JWT tokens

3rd Bug

CORS misconfiguration to steal victims sharing codes and eMail address

On the platform, users can share discount codes, invites codes, etc. to the friends via a share function , which takes an input of their friends email (the receiver email). The receiver is also able to see the senders main account eMail in the mail he/she received.

The issue here was/is, the only thing in scope till now is: and this was found

That subdomain handled sending the codes

Because of the CORS configuration on that domain,

I was able to send[POST] data to it with the users cookies/credentials.

This was fair enough for me because, i could make it send the codes to my eMail. This allowed me to steal the victims codes and the victims eMail after receiving the mail as i said earlier.

Code on my evil web page:

This script stole the temporal mail token , then makes a post request to the sharing endpoint with the mail token in the header for authorization, then sends codes and email to my eMail

4th Bug

A simple Logical Bug

This is not really a bug on its own.

But these are things i always look for that upgrade my reports seveirty. — vulnerable due to CORS misconfiguration


this endpoint showed me a string.

I tried those characters in many places randomly.

Until I noticed it can also be used to authenticate an api host:

Putting that string into the Authorization header or in a cookie called “ac_access_token” on that host will give an authenticated api response of the users account.

After fuzzing that host

I noticed the api shows the following on different paths:

  • Users purchases
  • All the eMails the victim has shared anything at all with [MetaData]
  • Victims account details [email, fullName, Number, etc]
  • Rewards that the user currently has

Creating the Final Bug

Now, we already have a good bug. Since the other domain has a CORS misconfiguration [Meaning account takeover already]. But i just needed to make this bug cool. So i used each of the bugs to get an account take Over.

The tokens from get changed on that page any time the user logs out or changes their password. So here is what i did.

Open Redirect -> Attacking Site ->Attacking site abuses CORS Misconfig on to receive victims email in my email with invite or discount code; I also replaced the message in the email. Message was the token stolen from -> Authenticate the api as the user with the stolen tokens received in our eMail::: And remember BUG 2??>> Sessions never got expired no matter what :)

Api endpoints:

  • /user-me— account details (email, Full Name,profile pic, lang, and some few other stuff)
  • /user-me/purchases — Account Purchases[order Number, tracking, basic details that show on an order]
  • /user-me/sharables — Every eMail the account has sent a code to.With the codes and the email batch that i can use to replicate the email ;)
  • /user-me/rewards — Reward codes and other form of rewards given to users who actively purchase
Using all the bugs to make their own site send me the codes ;)
Using all the bugs to make their own site send me the codes ;)
Abusing all the bugs to make their own site send me the codes ;) — aleternate api to handle user data

Now all i did was

Image for post
Image for post

Once you have this, it would work till …….

Nothing on the host expired after log out or password change.

This was a private program. I had to modify a lot of stuff in this post.I also did not add the final script because, if i made a mistake in the editing the enpoints or domains, you might get confused. And i also feel like this host could be found if i had used the real endpoints :( . Sorry.

But i hope everything added up to give you some extra techniques

Security wise, i think the programs structure was just misconfigured.

The team took the severity into consideration and accepted the bug.

Reward: $1,500 on

Image for post
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