Real Madrid Vs PSG 2019 Live Streaming (UEFA Champions Leaguep)

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mohammad asif
Nov 26 · 1 min read

Match Preview

PSG: When PSG took the chance on controversial striker Mauro Icardi prior to the summer transfer window shut, it always seemed as a low-risk move with a massive upside. Thus far, it has been perfect. The Argentine striker has 10 goals in 11 games for the club and seems to be the upcoming №9 at PSG with Edinson Cavani on the wrong side of 30. Icardi is a man that has a knack for being in the perfect place at the ideal time and also can create some goals. His cohesion along with his teammates has been enormous with the amount of accidents PSG has had to deal with.

Real Madrid :Los Blancos dig way too many pockets, and at times they can escape these (like they did against Real Sociedad this past weekend). Against PSGthey can’t afford heading down because the club can stack it on. This is a match where the ability of Toni Kroos can benefit this team greatly. They will need to try and win the battle of ownership and play patience. If it becomes an open game, PSG will make Real pay.

PSG vs. Real Madrid prediction

PSG is so much sharper, and Icardi is in absolutely dominant form.

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