Self Learning

I get an opportunity to read a book about Edhi sahab that is such a great experience for me to know about a great man in history of world. First time i read in detailed about Edhi sahab. I want to share my story of self believe, I want to start a society for students guideline in my area. for that i want a team. for that i met with my fellows and discuss with them,they appreciate me and join hands with me. but we have a lot of problems in start. Every one criticize us for this, but we starting doing that because we have self believe that we can do. Now we already arranged a lot of career counselling sessions in that area. i learnt that if u have self believe u can do any thing.

I want to learn MS Excel work .I want to learn this for professional work. I want learn for any use in my work.In past i did not manage time for that because i was busy in my university studies.

Then i decided that i manage my time first and i manage it.then i download complete course and understand all course then practiced it.i had a great experience of this course.

I learnt that u can do anything if u have self belief . i learnt from this course that u become self learner if u will try for it.I have learnt a lot from this,how to work Professional in MS Excel.and at office level. Now the next step is to practiced again and again of this work.