Setting up a meeting with your potential mentor

Dear Muhammad Nauman Zafar,

Hope you are great and enjoying your job and studies.

I want to discuss with you something special of my life. I am attending Amal Academy these days for a Career Prep Fellowship. I would like to meet with you to discuss about my goals and questions which is the requirement of my project work .

My goals are:
1. Learn about skills necessary for progress at job
2. which steps i take to complete my goals of working for other?

My questions are:
1.How to behave at the time of challenge?
2.How to fit myself at a new place?
3.How can I be successful at job or in any organization?
5.How can I work smarter?
6.To whom would u recommend, I connect with?

I discussed it with many of my friends and teachers but I was not satisfied with their answer and views. Whenever I faced problems or I need help then I always contact to you. This time, I once again in a critical situation and need your precious time.

I am available to meet with you on every day and time. If you are not available to meet then please let me know when you are free. I will do my best to match my schedule to yours. I am looking forward to meet and work with you. It would be honored for me, If you would meet with me once a month.

Waiting for your awesome reply.

Best Regards:
Muhammad Asif Shahzad

He responded me within 5 hours and said that if you need my help urgently then I will come soon to your home. Then I mailed him that “Yes I have to discuss with you urgently so kindly visit as soon as possible.

He came to home yesterday and met me at night. I discussed with him all the situation. He spoke after 5 minutes silence that you have a good degree but have no job. This is really a critical situation. I understand your feelings and this is a good attempt that you are preparing yourself early before experience all that.

Then he gave answers of my questions in such words:

An employee need not to be worry at all at work. He/She has to spend time on brainstorming first and then implement the ideas in order to complete a challenge. If you will not be successful in dealing with your challenge then keep yourself calm and need not to fight or be aggressive with others. Again start your work and put your effort as much as you can in a work.

You have to be humble and show patience Because you will be new at job place and it is compulsory that you will face hurdles while handling with all tasks. You will just need to focus on work and also need not to indulge in the politics of other fellows at job.

You can be successful by your work performance. You can impress your boss by showing passion for work. Consistency and punctuality are also very important at job.

Today I send him a thank you email.

Dear Muhammad Nauman Zafar,

Hopefully you are good and feel fresh after taking rest.

Thank you for coming at home just for me. I am really glad that you gave me importance and you cared about me. I love your suggestions and the way, you guided me. I will follow your guidelines.

Thank you once again for your kindness


Muhammad Asif Shahzad

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