An Evening in Kompass Klub

A few weeks ago i went to Kompass Klub, a new techno club in an empty factory in an industrial area in Ghent. Kompass is a place where egos are left in the cloakroom and music brings people closer together. It’s a unique musical experience that shows the intensity that is hidden in the meaning of the word RAVE. And a night where all of these big words disappear and our bodies are drawn to the speakers.

The Kompass family hopes to reach people that are struck by the hunger, the eagerness and the curiosity to surrender their bodies to sound. The Party I went to called RIMBU. Some of the best techno and rave dj’s were playing at this magical evening.

But Kompass is not only serving techno and rave party’s. Democrazy, wich is a musicclub that organizes show’s in different locations in Ghent, also organizes show’s in this new club. The next show I want to see in Kompass is the last clubshow of the legendary noiseband ‘Swans’ formed by multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira. So this empty factory is not only a unique and perfect location for underground party’s but also for underground rock bands with a specific vibe.

Conclusion? One of the best locations i’ve ever been to for a techno and rave party!

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