Cheesy-Cheese Night

My brother Hardik & I are the hungry owls in the family. It was a cold Saturday night. He was home at 1:00 A.M. after a hectic wedding project he was working on since a month. We both sat resting our feet on the small glass table in the living room and chose to watch ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’. Born with the Punjabi blood, we both deal with hogging really well. A good TV show or a movie makes you hungry and Winter is just an icing on the cake. My brother randomly asked if there was anything I would love to eat and I gave him a ‘yes’ on one condition. “I will not cook for you in the kitchen and we are not going out to eat.”

He grinned and said, “Then let’s order food at home!”

We quickly downloaded the Knight O’ Night Menu from Richie Rich’s Facebook Page and ordered 2 starters, 2 items for the main course and beverages. Both have an extremely good appetite and our way of describing ‘just-munching’ is a full-fledged meal, yes! The order took 40 minutes.

I quickly got the plates settled on the table and the doorbell rang. The order was delivered to us in simple white polythene bags with plain disposables.

My brother cross-checked the items listed on the bill:

  • 1 Biscuit Pie
  • 1 Aloo Sholey
  • 1 Cheese Paneer Masala
  • 2 Butter Naans
  • 1 Handi Biryani
  • 2 Choco Lava Chip Coffee

Biscuit Pie

Category: Starters. 4 pieces.

Small Crispy biscuit bricks well baked with pizza sauce & spices adding a bed of melted cheese on the top of it. They wrapped it with a foil paper and a paper plate to keep it warm.

Aloo Sholey

Category: Starters. 4 Pieces.

Resting in a Foil paper container using a hard paper as a lid, this 4-piece starter was a spicy item. The potato, first fried then barbecued was stuffed with a spicy paste which later after eating was tastier because of the dripped cheese used for the topping.

Cheese Paneer Masala with Butter Naan

Category: Main Course. Serves 7–8 Persons. Bread: Full Size

Cooked in cheese, this gravy is heavy and filling. You will not want to stop eating it since the entire gravy contains soft pieces of paneer ( a lot of them, believe me!) & melted cheese well mixed with spices. The extract from this was not butter or oil, but cheese. There was no way, we were going to waste it. Parceled with a full-size white disposable container, this meal won its crown. But, we both had no idea about the quantity and a LOT of gravy was later kept in the fridge.

Vinegar Onions with Lime ( Complementary)

Respecting the concept of Vinegar Onions is something that won my heart. I always prefer Vinegar Onions over chopped ones when it comes to Indian-Punjabi Cuisine.

Handi Biryani

Category: Rice & Dal. Serves 4–5 Persons.

You know what completes your meal when you have been a rice-lover. The addition of aromatic spices with different kinds of vegetables make this biryani the lip smacking item from the menu. It’s spicy and waters your eyes and tongue simultaneously. The authentic taste was maintained.

Choco Lava Chip

Category: Beverages.

A thick layer of Whipped Cream with milk blended finely with coffee & chocolate. This coffee is strong and sweet. While ordering we were asked if we wanted sugar added to it or not.

‘Sweet after any meal completes an entire order’. That made us order this beverage. It was a perfect Saturday night for the two of us. The packing of was simple. Everything was served in white plastic boxes.

With not a lot of late-night delivery options in this small city, the Knight O’ Night Menu by Richie Rich is a savior for all the night owls like us.