Look At The Charge Before Approaching The Lake Forest Patent Attorneys

A patent is a set of special rights that are given by the state, to a particular inventor for only a certain time period in place of the public exposure of any type of invention.You might be very afraid that a patent will cost you a lot. You might be an independent inventor. There are very large companies that are willing to pay a large sum because it will not affect them. But in case you are an individual inventor, it becomes a huge problem.

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You may find that you will have to shell out quite a hefty amount for obtaining a patent. In the U.S. in order to file a basic application for patent, the fee is $500. After the patent is given, the inventor needs to pay an issue fee of $700 and also a publication fee of $500. Surcharge needs to be paid if the patent application is more than 100 pages.

Now you can easily understand that the fee for simply the Patent Office is quite high. Then comes the fee of the Lake Forest Patent Attorneys . Very often they charge $150 to $400 per hour for the service that they give. Some companies need to pay $12000 to $14000 to the patent attorney in order to get the application to the office. But there are definitely some attorneys who charge a much lower fee, making the work affordable.

At last you may think if such a hefty amount is at all worth paying. If you think that it is not worth then it is better to simple forget it. But if you feel that getting a patent is an investment and it will help you in the long run, then you can obviously take some steps to decrease your cost.

You might want to get your application made by a professional. Here you can decrease your cost by using a patent agent instead of a patent attorney. Patent agents are the ones who charge low rates but have the necessary qualifications to make the application. But definitely their cost is worth it.

However, patent attorney are very much experts in this work. They can very easily help in filing a patent for a particular invention. But do not think that you can make every idea of yours patented. You also need to know well if your invention is truly valuable in the market. Go for patent only if your idea has the power to make money.

Hiring a good patent lawyer is the simple and perhaps just one step to protect yourself from the patent attorney infringement, in committing it or just to be a party to it. Patent lawyers are very well knowledgeable about the fact that it will be the first attempt towards getting a patent.

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