Adam Currier, CPCU, AFIS, ASLI

Professional Spotlight: Adam Currier

Sometimes you have to remember why you enjoy what you do.

You cannot deny the experiences that makes you the person you are.

Starting from the bottom is never easy, but Adam Currier made it the foundation for his story as a professional.

Adam grew up in a small farm town in Indiana.

He attended Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and studied Actuarial Science. Of all things, he did not expect to become a Farm and Ranch Underwriter for Burns & Wilcox in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“The field that interested me was research and development; creating insurance products,” he said.

Adam realized that a career as an Actuary was not going to work out. His next move was to start his professional career in June 2010 with Burns & Wilcox, as a receptionist.

He recounted his journey from receptionist to Underwriter to be a smooth transition for him.

The Burns & Wilcox Indianapolis office immediately encouraged him to obtain insurance designations in order for Adam to be a significant contributor to the company.

He has garnered his AINS (Associate in General Insurance), AIS (Associate in Insurance Services), ASLI (Associate in Surplus Lines Insurance), and CPCU (Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter) insurance designations all in the course of 5 years.

“The progression from receptionist, to Assistant Underwriter, to Underwriter was pretty smooth mainly because of the education that was instilled,” Currier said.

Now, as a Personal Lines/Farm and Ranch Underwriter, Adam Currier is doing what he really cares about: helping people live better lives. And he is doing it his way.

When he officially became an underwriter, he noticed that the Indianapolis office was not writing many farm and ranch coverages.

“We live in Indiana. I grew up in a very small farm town. Why don’t I carve out this segment of the industry and make this a focus of mine.”

That is when Currier decided to approach management to discuss the opportunity for the Indianapolis office to start writing farm and ranch policies.

He found that there was quite a bit of demand for writing that type of business in Indiana and started writing farm and ranch with his insurance carrier partners. He also reached out to other Burns & Wilcox offices with farm and ranch markets to figure out how to obtain those kinds of contracts.

His farm and ranch book of business grew exponentially in 2015.

As soon as he realized the demand and the impact that his office could have on the farm and ranch market, it was clear that the Indianapolis office could become a stronger force compared to their competitors in Indiana.

“Now it’s all about getting the word out there — making sure everybody else knows that we can do this,” he said.

Adam Currier, a Personal Lines/Farm and Ranch Underwriter, can now walk with pride knowing that he created a special opportunity for the Indianapolis office of Burns & Wilcox.

He is able to go to insurance agents that do farm and ranch and communicate his story to them.

From receptionist to Underwriter, he was humbled by hard work, support, and education that provided him the foundation to branch out and do something he enjoys.

But what sets Currier apart from others is his approach to customer service. He said he is willing to work 10–12 hour days to make sure his customer’s needs are satisfied.

It was a trait that was instilled in him when he observed the characteristics of his family’s tire business.

“We would do 24-hour service calls — out on the road at two o’clock in the morning. Not very many tire businesses would do that,” he said.

It is because of this experience, and referencing that story repeatedly, that triggered his line of attack, which resulted in his farm and ranch book of business to soar over the course of two years.

Currier’s professional footprint can be felt by the message that he leaves with the agents he comes in contact with when he looks to write their farm and ranch business.

“I’m not the big city guy! I am a small town guy that just happens to be in the city now.”