An Attempt to Vote Progressive in WA

Here are my Primary picks for Washington State. These do not necessarily represent the endorsements of my Legislative District or Precinct at this time.

Phil Cornell — Senator

Jennifer Gigi Ferguson — U.S. Rep 10th Congressional District

Patrick O’Rourke — Governor

Karen Wallace — Lieutenant Governor

Tina Podlodowski — Secretary of State

John Paul Comerford — State Treasurer

Jeff Sprung — State Auditor

Joshua B. Trumbull — Attorney General

Hilary Franz — Commissioner of Public Lands

David Spring — Superintendent of Public Instruction

Mike Kreidler — Insurance Commissioner

Tamborine Borrelli — State Senate

Amy Pivetta Hoffman — State Representative Pos. 1

Nathaniel Downes — State Representative Pos. 2

Rick Talbert — County Executive

Honorable Barbara A Madsen — State Supreme Court Pos. 5

Grant Blinn — Superior Court No. 8

David Ladenburg — Superior Court No. 17

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