Mental Health: The Struggle Within

There are so many people out there that have it better than others do. There are also so many people out there that have it worse than others do. What ever the case may be do you spend enough time ensuring that your friends, loved ones and aquaintences are doing ok?

It seems trivial, “…how are you today?” Your friend obviously upset, “…oh can’t complain…” And we drop it as if face value means something in today’s world.

The woman crying in the grocery store parking lot, the elderly man eating alone, the strong single guy that was just dumped by his girlfriend all could use the simple words, “…are you ok? We can talk about it, let’s go sit somewhere…” Instead we expect everyone to suck it up, be a grown man, woman, teen, etc. Some times we cannot get through things on our own.

Then there is the less obvious as well. The woman who has the spouse, career, children, extended family; maybe the man that has the same things, what could they complain about? They have it all, they can’t be suffering inside. Wrong.

We as individuals are our biggest critics. From the guilt of wrong doings from our past, to how we treat each other, from taking obvious unwarranted critism to heart from others to not getting the words or help they need from your family. All of this can get into the mind of a healthy normal individual’s head and weigh them down.

What can you do though? Why not start with getting involved in people’s mental well being. When something is bothering them and they are reaching out to you for help, then help them. Do not discount how they feel or tell them they are being stupid and to suck it up. You are further pushing them deeper into their rabbit hole. It may not be important to you but what they are telling you is important to them. No matter how large or how small the issue may be. Help them to work through it, help them help themselves. If they aren’t willing to help themselves then you find someone that can make that decision for them. We often push away from the desire to get better if we feel that our confidant does not believe our issues to be something of importance.

I have heard of three separate people in my network of people in the past month that have taken their own lives. They had good lives, surrounded by good people. They had careers and families, friends and achievements. Some people though find it hard to feel and know that they have people and things in their life make them worthy of so much. Especially when your feelings and their mind are telling them something else. When no one else is making sure they know that their issues are important and your contribution to the earth is important.

In some cases it is no one’s help. In other cases no amount of checking in or prying would stop the inevitable but let’s try something. Reach out to one loved one this week and one stranger this week. Just see if you can make a difference in their life. It could save their life.

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