MaskUp Lite: Low storage (less than 3MB) Augmented Reality Selfies

MaskUp Lite on Play Store:

One of the biggest problems faced by some of our users is storage availability on their phones. We have built a really cool cloud rendering solution to create Augmented Reality Selfies (read about it here).

Today, we are announcing MaskUp Lite, an Android App that has less than 3 MB size on the Play Store. We have accomplished this by using our cloud based rendering technology instead of handling the heavy duty processing on the phone.

The Lite app allows you to upload a selfie and apply filters. In the background, we create a rendered image using our cloud rendering engine. This allows us to keep the size of the app to under 3 MB.

Download the app from Play Store and send us feedback. Do rate us on Play Store!

Example Filters on MaskUp Lite

For a live experience, we recommend you get the full MaskUp App:

We have a Facebook page. Try out our effects on the Facebook Camera.

Send us email as well if you have suggestions/feedback/ideas for filters: