MaskUp: Magical Augmented Reality Holi

Launching Augmented Reality Holi on MaskUp for iOS and Android:

We have been working on mobile video for more than 3 years. We launched Makesto for iPad to help children create animated videos. About a year ago, we launched ClipAwesome that allowed users to curate videos from events or occasions as a video channel.

Over the last year, we’ve seen the impact of augmented reality on mobile video and it is obvious to us that the most exciting mobile video developments and applications will leverage this technology. We’ve now built the Augmented Reality technology stack* combining Computer Vision, Graphics and 3D modelling.

We’re launching a magical and unique experience for Holi with our app, MaskUp. Just a few taps on the screen to throw colour powder on your face, and voila!, the many colours of Holi show up as a mask on your face. Here’s a quick video preview of the app.

We also have a bunch of other cool 3D selfie filters and we are building more.

We would love for you to try the app, especially the Holi experience and send us feedback.

App Store Link:

Play Store Link:

*Thanks to some great open-source software, especially OpenCV (, DLib (!