Dear CREIT Community, thank you for supporting our project. We believe that the value of any blockchain is directly dependent on the value of its underlying assets and processes. Real-Estate is one of the largest asset classes in the world. CREIT Finance is the world’s first cross-chain Real Estate exchange (REX). Assets can be traded in the form of NFT’s in the exchange. Users will be able to crowd-source any Real-Estate of their choice. Follow us for more exciting news.

We are happy to announce that the CREIT Early Bird Private sale is live.

Distribution Details:

  • Contract: 0x729f0DDC311f623372068935769a298b52802AEb
  • Token Allocation: 200,000
  • Price…

Hello, BTCpx community,

There have been a lot of queries about what is the use case of BTCpx. In this article, we will explain to you what we are trying to create & how BTCpx adds value to the crypto ecosystem. By combining the ubiquity & maturity of BTC, the functionality of ETH & scalability of the Matic (now Polygon) Network. BTCpx unlocks a world of possibilities that allow your Bitcoin to work like never before in the world of DeFi. BTCpx is a tokenized form of BTC minted in a 1:1 ratio. This enables bitcoin holders to use it…

#stakebitcoin at

Institutions and the community consider Bitcoin the most trusted blockchain as it dominates 60–80% of the market cap. It is the most liquid of crypto currencies and is considered to be the best store of value. Bitcoin enjoys its supremacy because of the trustless design Nakamoto created. What was worth cents is now worth over $35000. Bitcoin will grow and infiltrate the retail users. It has an unparalleled trust in the community when compared to Alts. We all love Bitcoin but we must also admit its flaws, for what it is. …



You must have heard of Cryptokitties. CryptoKitties is a game based on breedable, collectible, and very cute animals we call CryptoKitties! Each feline is exceptional and 100% possessed by you; it can’t be repeated, removed, or decimated. Kittiefight is an MMO combat game developed by the same team known as SuperDAO. KittieFIGHT includes a utility for Cryptokitties clients and cut down on the oversupply of kitties on the Cryptokitties stage. It is likewise a fascinating investigation with regards to gamified requests in a Token economy using a utility ERC 2O token called KTY, which is firmly…

What is Yield Farming or Liquidity Mining?

It is basically a reward system incorporated in smart contracts. The lender or staker gets compound interest-based on the type of contract. Usually, the stakes are rewarded in the native token of the project. You must have heard about proof of stake. This is something like that but way different. For POS you needed to lock down a high amount of tokens on the master-node but with Liquidity mining, you can choose how much you wanna stake. The protocol rewards the stakers because they help in providing liquidity to the ecosystem.


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