Completing the 5 Day Drupal Challenge.

Greetings to the folks at Medium! Today I’m going to attempt and complete the 5 Day Drupal Challenge. While I’m still a complete novice at coding and still have a lot to understand about the Drupal framework, there are still other areas where I can help and push the Drupal community forward.

What is the 5 Day Drupal Challenge, you ask ?

Below is the official description by the creator(Jakob Suchy):

Every day, for the next 5 days, I will contribute 30 minutes of my own time to the Drupal community. That’s 2.5 hours of giving back to Drupal next week.

I challenge all of you to join this effort and help make Drupal better!

If just 63 others–63 of the roughly 600,000 Drupal community members–join me, that’s 160 hours, one month of 40-hour weeks of contributing to the Drupal project!

Tweet every day using the #d5dChallenge hashtag and help promote this effort! Tweet what you are doing, tweet what needs doing, ideas, and most of all, contribute!

For my first d5dChallenge I will like to spend the time on following 5 challenges. You can find your own ways to contribute–go with the things that suit your skills and interests.

You can find more info about the challenge from the official post here.

This challenge was very enjoyable and easy to accomplish. Over the last 5 days, I contributed to Drupal by providing support on the IRC chat channel and answering questions on forums, reporting a few issues on, revised a few documentations, helped with marketing Drupal, reviewed a #d8mi initiative, and tweeted everyday about the #d5dchallenge.

Let’s Go!

Day 1

The challenge: Provide online help on forums, IRC and other support channels.

I was on the IRC chat channel for 1 hour, I found and reported a broken link in the support page, and also answered a few questions here and here.

I also added my first tweet to raise awareness about this challenge.

Day 2

The challenge: Write documentation, submit at least one revised documentation page or help with the screenshot sprint.

I revised this documentation and this one.

Today’s tweet:

Day 3

The challenge: Review a UX design, participate in a usability study, or document a usability problem and file a bug.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the skills or opportunity to work on the recommended challenge. So instead, I filed an issue here concerning a module that didn’t have the appropriate files.

Today’s tweet:

Day 4

The challenge: Help with marketing Drupal — Publish a blog post, tell my friends about this awesome software or help with designing marketing materials.

I had made a digital marketing brochure, published a blog post about Drupal, here is also a tweet I shared with my friends about Drupal:

Today’s tweet:

Day 5

The challenge: Translate a module or Drupal core or review something in the #d8mi initiative.

I reviewed an issue here and have asked for permission to translate posts to my local Drupal (Mauritius) group.

Today’s tweet:

Now that you have read my experience of the #d5dchallenge, I challenge you to try it out as well!

This blog post is part of the Google Code-In contest 2016, and I am currently contributing to the Drupal community. I thank my mentors for helping me out for writing this post.
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