Finish Entire Drupal Ladder [Git Basics] Drupal

Hi there, this is a review and a simple walk-through of the Git Basics Drupal Ladder. So without further due, let’s get started!

RUNG 1- Getting started with Git.

This rung explains to you the basics of Git.It comes with with 4 links: the first one leads to the main Drupal ladder page which explains the basics of the command line interface, and also teaches you how to install Git on various operating systems, the second link sends you to the Github’s interactive tutorial where you learn some basic Git commands, the third one helps you understand Git Branching and the last link gives you a free book for understanding Git thoroughly. I went through the first three links and managed to get a gist of what Git is and how to use it. The guides were very easy to understand and are foolproof.

RUNG 2- Install Git

The second rung is an overlapping of the first; It also has a tutorial on the installation of Git and a section on how to download a project using Git. This part was was easy to accomplish as well.

RUNG 3- Write a patch

The third rung runs through the process of creating a patch. The tutorial shows you on how to make a patch to change a string in one of the Drupal’s pages’ settings tab. There is also a bonus part,which asks you to edit and re-roll the patch. This rung was a just a little bit trickier than the first two rungs, but not unaccomplishable. Here is a link to the sample issue I had created:

Note: One of the prerequisites for this rung is creating a new issue queue.In the instructions, in line 5 (Copy the following and paste into the Description box:) there is a small typo. It’s not the Description box, but it’s the Issue Summary box.

RUNG 4- Test patches

This lesson shows you how to apply the patch and also asks you to confirm that the patch is working by using the Drupal sandbox. This rung is also an overlapping of the ‘write a patch’ tutorial. There are also tips for more complex patches. Below are screenshots as proof that the patch is working…

proof for applying patch
proof for re-rolling patch(bonus)


The final rung of this Drupal ladder teaches you on how to re-roll patches. It asks you to take an old patch and to make it apply cleanly to the newest version of Drupal. If it applies cleanly, you are asked to remove the ‘needs reroll’ tag.

Final Thoughts

This Drupal ladder was pretty easy to climb, thanks to the detailed explanations and instructions. I realize that the skills and information that this ladder taught me are very important in the world of coding when teamwork are required. I have witnessed that the ability to use Git and Github will definitely be crucial later on. I thank Drupal and Google Code In for having taught me this and for having let me contribute to the Drupal community.Thanks for reading my review, and I hope we meet again!

This post is part of Google Code-In 2016 for the Drupal organization and was made with the help of my dear mentors( Sudanshu). Google Code-In is a contest for pre-university students aged 13–17 where they can contribute to open source organizations while earning cool prizes (digital certificates, T-shirts, hoodies, trip to California). Contest page:

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