Sarah Balfour

I’m forced to intervene here. Number one, Islam never forced anybody to become Muslim. Your parents are simply teaching you a religion that comes with MANY, MANY, MANY moral, social and ethical values, and gives you a view on nearly everything that one needs to know. I’ll be frank with you, I know of many ‘Muslims' out there, but none of them have been properly educated religiously, and most end up as delinquents/don’t fit in society/ have personality disorders/ drug abuse. But those who have been taught Islam correctly and thoroughly don’t end up in the same basket.

Next point: ISIS and AlQaeda. Anyone can say the words and claim to be a muslim, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is acting according to it. Our main issue as Muslims is that, non-muslims hear the word terrorist and this is what goes through their mind: terrorists=msulims, therefore muslims=terrorists. Like WHAat?!

And also, Islam has been maybe the only religion that accepts scientific views. I don’t exactly see what has been ‘made up’ the quran about things we couldn’t explain. For most part, it goes hand in hand with scientific discoveries. And also, big bang is something we haven’t understood yet, and I doubt it ever will.

the concept of God, has one main purpose: to make you fear. To make you think that there will be always be someone more powerful out there, no matter how much money and power you gain. That someone is always watching you, be it good deeds or bad deeds. Yes, it puts god one level above people, but that doesn’t mean that u are prevented from valuing people. Islam asks you to balance your religious and social life.

Just trying to put out correct information to avoid misconceptions. Peace.

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