Why I’ve built my own task tracker

First, I want you to think about the fact that we all are not logical human beings. We do not act logically in relationships, not acting rationally in economics. Why would we follow the logic in organizing our work?

But from another point of view, we like to think about ourselves as about highly intelligent well organized and logical creatures. Remember all early theories in economics where people suppose to behave logically and maximize own benefits, which proven to be wrong? The same mistake we do when theorizing about work process. While we like the order when we see it from a side, we are not good at creating one. Let’s face it we are not logical in economic behavior nor at work.

Modern processes of organizing work like SCRUM, Kanban or others are way too logical and made for robots, not for humans. They look good and we “buy” them. But they do not respect our human caveats. Yes, they accept that we are usually wrong at estimations and other small stuff, but this is not enough. That’s why it’s so hard to apply them in real life. I was in many groups which were trying to use SCRUM and everywhere it was tough and anywhere it slow down the whole process, while supposed to improve it. But the unquestionably effective system must go smoothly because you will feel, not count, it’s effectiveness.

The same problem is with task trackers. They all build as logical systems to be used together with logical work processes. And they better fit robots than humans.

What it would look like if we try the opposite — respect our nature and create a system which fits us as gloves — it would probably seem as no logical and weird for the rational mind, but works in reality as an efficient system. It should do not touch what we are naturally good at. But they must focus on our week points: procrastination, tending to do more pleasant instead of more important tasks, problems with remembering about small works when we need it, etc.

After reading books, be part of different more and less successful companies and watching and apply their processes, experimenting on myself and my friends I finally figured out what tools and practices makes me most efficient and focused. They seem weird sometimes (for logical part of mind), but works well in reality.

But I faced a problem that there are no available tools which fit it. So finally I end up to build a tool for myself.

I tested it for few months and results are impressive. I cannot now live without it. My unconscious mind wants to use it, which is remarkable compared to other tools, which I need to force myself to use.

After few months of beta testing on myself and my friends, I’m happy to open it for everyone for free. It’s called Taskmony (produced from “harmony”) and is a web service (with both desktop and mobile interfaces), which helps you with your everyday tasks and ideas management.

Testing on my friends I faced a problem that because it is not very logical, they need some hints how to use it properly. Otherwise, they were confused in the beginning. Nothing hard, 30 minutes of in-person introduction makes every one of them excited about this projects and eager to use it. So to help everyone, I’m going to explain ideas behind it in following articles. I will do it as fast as I can write in English (not my native language). Any help in a polishing text would be much appreciated — if you think that some idea I can explain better in other words — write a comment here or text me to my e-mail address maslennikovdm@gmail.com.

Subscribe to my account here to do not miss anything. Create an account in Taskmony. And became as productive as possible, but keep to be a human.

Stay tuned!