As the Coronavirus Pandemic worsens, the Democratic Party kills healthcare policy supported by a majority of Americans.

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Well, it’s official.

Americans are in the streets protesting police terrorism while actively being gassed, beaten, and shot at. We must defund the police and revitalize our criminal justice system.

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It comes as no surprise to black America whenever there are reports of a black man or a woman brutally murdered from the organized gang that everyone calls “police”. I have seen video after video of police brutally assaulting peaceful protesters in New York, my neighboring city of Portland, and all across these United States. We are taught to believe that police are here to protect and serve the community it inhabits and…

Franklin Delano Roosevelt spearheaded the New Deal to help reshape America during a time of crisis. Let’s reshape our education system.

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A college education remains a strong investment in financial stability and opens students up to greater career opportunities. However, college can seriously drown students in debt. We are taught to believe that scholarships, grants, and financial aid are all normal. My position is that having around $35,397 in debt — which is the average student loan debt for the class of 2020 — is not normal and my generation has been led to believe that college is more of…

Marco Sánchez

Writer. Leftist☭. Zoomer. Student at @AmericanU . Views are my own. (He/Him)

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