Individual Idea Generation

  • How might we create a way of kitchen organization that is compact or expandable?

New Warm Up Game

Telephone Draw

One person describes an object in vivid detail, the next person describes it and so on down the line. The last person to receive the message tries to draw what was described to them.

Session Organization

The session took place in my house with 4 other people, 2 being roommates, one a friend, and another being the roommates boyfriend. The session lasted 30 minutes long. We played the 5 things game and the word association game.

Matt — 22, who works in construction and lives in the city. Grew up in minneapolis.

Kendra — 22, works as a server and goes to school part time. Grew up in rural illinois. Majoring in Sociology.

Megan — 21, works as a security guard and goes to school part time. Grew up in the suburbs of minneapolis. Majoring in Psychology.

Michael — 24, works as a server and lives outside the city, but grew up in minneapolis. Majored in health & wellness.

IPM = 0.5

Sorting and Voting

Ideas were sorted into six categories. The largest category being practical designs that were storage based. The next two categories were miscellaneous and technology based. The three smallest were wine related, already existing, and aesthetic inventions. The top ideas were based on ones that were most specific to the prompt and had practicality while also being inventive.

Top Ideas

Condiment Dispenser (Matt)
Heated Drying Rack (Matt)
Suction Wine Bottle (Kendra)
Velcro Wine Storage (Kendra)
Recessed Wall Storage (Kendra)
Floor storage (Matt)
Wire Mesh Ceiling Storage (Kendra)
Throwing Knife Holder (Matt)
Magnetic Wall (Matt)
Customizable Fridge with Add ons (Matt)