Butterscotch Rum & Salted Caramel

Final Idea & Recipe

The recipe I chose to improve on was the Butterscotch Rum & Salted Caramel. The things I changed was the amount of butter in this recipe from 16 tablespoons to 12 tablespoons. Before I also didn’t have salt so I added 2 teaspoons. I also used a different type of caramel instead of melting pieces of it in the microwave.

*2–1/2 Cups Flour *2 teaspoons-Baking Soda *1/2 Cup Sugar *1 Cup Brown Sugar *12 tbsp. Butter *2 tsp. Salt *1 Cup Butterscotch chips *1 cup Caramel Sauce. Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.

Idea Test 2

This recipe is the second idea test. The cookies are called Double Chocolate and Peanut Butter. The things added to the base dough was cocao powder, peanut butter and chocolate chips. The mistake I found here was the cocao powder made the batter too dry.

Idea Test 1

This is the Butterscotch Rum & Caramel recipe. This recipe includes Caramel, butterscotch chips, and a shot of Rum. The cookies weren’t very aesthetically pleasing and the butter made them really gooey as a result.


The base for the idea generation consisted of *2 Cups Flour *2 Sticks Butter *1/2 Cup Sugar *1 Cup Brown Sugar and *2 tbsp. Baking Soda

Idea Generation

I asked myself what a cookie really was. Is it just a type of baked goods or can the definition be challenged? I thought about using apples as a base and baking them with cinnamon and then topping them with caramel, chocolate and peanuts. I decided it would be best to just stick to the baked good definition. I had enough cooking experience that I pretty much knew how to create the cookie as well as think about different flavor combos. I thought of things that were themed and cookies that were salty and sweet or fruity and sweet. Like chocolate and peanut butter or a strawberry shortcake made with strawberry puree and white chocolate. It also crossed my mind to try different sweeteners for the base or different types of flour substitutes.