How to Design Think

Ever had a problem that is tough? Use design thinking to help solve your problem!


Having empathy is a very important thing we need to have in life. It is also very important to understand where people are coming from to help solve a problem. Just by observing someone you are able to tell what interests them and the way they feel about certain things.


Using things that you have figured out in the empathy stage you are able to help define a problem. Also being able to define things helps give you your own perspective on the situation. This will help you try to figure out how to fix the problem.


Using this step helps you solve problems in the most productive way. There are typically different ways to solve problems and getting everyones input helps you get the most efficient way. If you all talk about your different ideas you can talk about them and write them down and figure out what the best solution is.


Now its time to test the solution that you thought of in ideate. This can either be a physical test or just talking about it and testing it. If you fail then learn from the mistakes and fix them. You can fail as many times as you need, you want your final prototype to be the one you are going to use in the end.


This is the process of putting your prototype to use. Different people can show off their different prototypes and then everyone in the group can see what work and what doesn’t. After that the team can come together and create the best possible solution.

Using design thinking will help you come up with the best possible solution. If you go through these 5 steps when trying to accomplish something you will be successful. If this is something that you are not comfortable with go out of your comfort zone and try it out. You will see that you will be able to accomplish thing more successfully rather than just going straight to testing.

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