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Bonsai Speed Run II

Configure Bonsai


  • Configure Trellis/group_vars
  • Configure Trellis/hosts
  • Configure Security (See masterclass for security class)
  • Configure site/wp-cli.yml
  • Configure site/scripts

Create Github Repository

  • Download Github Desktop App
  • Drag and Drop project into Github App
  • Create Repository
  • Publish Repository

Configure Group Variables

  • group_vars/development/wordpress_sites.yml
  • group_vars/development/vault.yml
  • group_vars/staging/wordpress_sites.yml
  • group_vars/staging/vault.yml
  • group_vars/production/wordpress_sites.yml
  • group_vars/production/vault.yml

Configure Hosts

  • Production

Configure Security

Configure Email

Configure Wordpress Command Line Interface

  • @staging is set to your staging hostname or domain
  • @production is set to your production hostname or domain

Configure Shell Scripts

  • Development
  • Staging
  • Production
  • Product (masterclass)
  • Sensei (masterclass)
  • New Install (optional)
  • Sync (optional)

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