A Brief Introduction

I sometimes find myself sitting at a desk, with some sort of instant snack or meal, wondering what to do with myself. I have a lot of these moments, and it sort of makes me want to do something somewhat worthwhile when I do. Incidentally, I had that sort of moment just a little while ago, this time a bowl of these korean black bean noodle things in hand (Jajangmyeon is what I believe they’re called?), when No Surprises by Radiohead found its way into my shuffled stream of music in the background, and I guess it inspired me enough to want to share my love of music with anyone that might want to hear about it.

I’m a high school musician trying to get his foot in the door that is the musical community in the middle of Honolulu — a self taught guitarist trying to dabble in anything I can get my large hands on. I’ve recently been starting to break out of my little shell of introversion and have been getting myself out there, meeting musicians and other cool people in the modest scene as I go along — all an initiative given a start by my mother’s push to audition for a school of music led by local art group Pow! Wow! Hawaii. Since my first audition two years ago, my passion for music grew beyond a simple appreciation of it. As a young musician, I’ve grown more competent at my instrument, and have written and recorded music with friends that I’ve met along the way. Today, I’m a part of a band tentatively named The Tie Breakers with some amazing people that I know either through school, or from a meeting at said schoolmate’s birthday party. Despite the interesting or odd circumstances, it’s worked out — we just completed our first open mic night as a band and are currently writing some new material to hopefully play live for incrementaly larger audiences. Life is good here.

The overall direction or structure of this blog isn’t set in stone or even really decided yet, but I know that I want to at the very least write once or twice a week, leave a couple tracks for thought for readers to listen to with some commentary, and give updates and thoughts on the experience of trying to find a place in a musical community residing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Maybe it’ll turn into something, or maybe this will just be the start of what will be a seldom visited archive of my expereinces for the next year or two. We’ll see. This should be entertaining.

Until next time, peace out.