Opinion: The GOP is Making Decisions That Will Cost Them the 2022 and 2024 Election

I generally don’t like to pick on one side of the political spectrum when I write my pieces, but I think that something needs to be brought to everyone's attention. If the RNC is extremely concerned about mitigating the electorate and the individual choice of each US citizen, how can they take the stance of “election security”? I understand and agree with the notion of wanting and having a secure election that counts only valid votes that were lawfully cast. I don’t think that the alienation of Independent and Democrat voters accomplishes the goal of “election security”.

The Chairwoman of the RNC Ronna McDaniel, under pressure by former President Donald Trump, made “election security” the RNC’s top priority in the upcoming 2022 midterms and 2024 presidential election. They want more election deniers in local party posts and they want to place those same individuals in polling places to watch over individual ballots to have a real-time fraud mitigation system. Knowing how confrontational the far-right election deniers are, it is possible that the GOP intends to intimidate voters at the polls.

Election security is not intimidation, mitigation, and misinformation. The actual detriment to our society and our “democracy” is when you lose an election, you can use mitigation, misinformation, and intimidation to get your way. The American people have not lost faith nor trust in the election, they have lost faith in elected officials who they didn’t vote for. Instead of working cohesively to work harder to secure the vote of those they didn’t in past election cycles, these individuals seek to alienate their constituents to send a message. That message is crystal clear; if you don’t follow our ideology, beliefs, and rhetoric to a tee, you are unamerican.

This example that has been set by the GOP has heavy consequences on not only their political party, but also their supporters and non-supporters nationwide. If they refuse to flip the script on false claims and divisive rhetoric, our sacred nation will cease to be the powerhouse that it has proven to be for hundreds of years. The charade of making votes appear that don’t exist and making votes that aren’t for our cause disappear will not hold up forever. Our “democracy” and “election security” hangs in the balance of our elected representatives locally and nationally.

American politicians have lost touch with the moral and practical standards that have prevailed in the past. If we cannot hold them accountable for the detriment they are to our wellbeing and society, we have no hope at reuniting the people of this great country.




Full-Time Student at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay majoring in Marketing. Passionate about cannabis reform, political science, education, and philosophy

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Mason Kraak

Mason Kraak

Full-Time Student at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay majoring in Marketing. Passionate about cannabis reform, political science, education, and philosophy

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