Ch. 7 & 8

After our discussion in class concerning journalism, and the way it’s changed due to today’s technology. It is contingent on three things — the activity of user, the internet, and circulation (the facilitating). The activity of the user is extremely important because without the generating of activity by the public, news is not circulated and seen. Users almost recycle news in a sense — reusing and rewriting content. Stories are changed and written with different tones and perspectives. Even if they are very similar in content. I mentioned this in class, and posed the question, “How can you write a news story if it has already been published by another news outlet?” The answer is — in many ways. The story can be written in a different voice, written from a different angle, or you can take on a whole different narrative. The internet plays a huge role in churning out new stories and constant information. You can’t open your phone without finding out the days current happenings. Quite literally, with Apple’s newest update, you now can read the news without even unlocking your phone. These three things — the activity of the user, the internet and circulation are all pivotal in todays world of journalism.

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