Convergence Culture

Convergence Culture is basically the blending between old and new. Virtual reality is a prime example of this concept. It has all the elements of recording an event and then watching it, but with the new technology, it gives the viewer a new experience, making the experience eerily realistic. Virtual Reality has also been introduced into the porn industry. According to an article on, Raymond Wong says his experience with VR porn was “weird”. Usually with virtual reality, you can look around 360 degrees, and scan the whole room, but with VR porn, one can only look within 180 degrees, “One thing I noticed about Naughty America’s VR porn videos was the limited field of view. I could only really look forwards since the videos only support 180-degrees of head tracking and not a full 360-degrees like other VR experiences. If I turned my head too far to the left and right, and up and down, I could only see black.” This is a prime example of convergence culture. The old culture of porn, mixed with the new culture of an almost video game-esque type of filming.

We see convergence culture in many other aspects aside from tech. We see it in politics, economics, and even across different cultures within different countries. It is the blending of two things. But it is most apparent in the blending of old and new media. Where grassroots and corporate media collide. Buzzfeed is also a great example of convergence culture, it is a journalist driven platform, but has many non “journalism” like elements, thus making the corporation feel less serious. The site boasts quizzes, articles, food and recipe videos all amongst serious journalistic pieces.

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