Max Mara 10/03

The original Max Mara Fashion House, which was created in 1951, now stands as a current exhibit — Collezione Maramotti. The building, which prides itself on its natural light and ventilation, a concept that was ground breaking for its time. Andrew Hapgood designed the exhibit and building with the idea of it being a highly adaptive structure while still paying homage to its past structure. Hapgood wanted the exhibit to be able to change and adhere to new concepts. The building stands at three stories high. The Max Mara Prize for Women also connects with the fashion label and its connection with art and work. The prize is curated by Iwona Blazwick, and goes towards artists in the United Kingdom. The award is appointed by a four person jury consisting of an art/critic, writer, artist, gallerist and collecter. The prize also includes a 6-month residency in Italy and joining the permanent collection of Max Mara.

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