Cinco de Mayo, 2017

I’m still cutting carbs and sugar, but WOW I miss pepperoni pizza.

Yesterday though, I was working with a client and they had a bunch of Papa John’s pizza, Sprite, Chips’ahoy (just realized I actually don’t know how that’s spelled), and little star wars bb8 cupcakes. I didn’t have a single bite. Wow I wanted some pizza.

One thing I’ve run into is the fact that carbs and sugar are in, or added to, almost everything that isn’t meat or vegetables, and if those are packaged they still might have it! So there have been a few instances where I’ve gotten something to eat in a hurry that I thought would be fine (beef jerky is one) and then I find out they added a bunch of sugar… ugh.

BUT: just the fact that I’m trying my hardest to cut, even when I unknowingly have some, overall I’m still cutting about 90% of it out… and that’s effective.

Yesterday morning when I was getting dressed I noticed a few things. My jaw looked 2% sharper, my stomach looked 2% smaller, my pants fit 2% better, and my shirt was 2% looser. So if I keep this up, I’ll be close to my goal in 3 1/2 months. Steady, small wins add up faster than you think.